Saturday, March 5, 2011

What revolutions could mean for you

Revolutions: part chaos, part blank slate. What will yours look like?

For those of you reading the column title every week and waiting for a column on revolution, you're in luck.
Tunisia and Egypt have undergone popular revolts over the past few weeks. Lybia is undergoing one now.
It can happen. The people stood up and decided to take charge of their future. They did so at personal risk in the face of political systems they didn't support anymore.
This is how, in the face of a dictatorship, you get a government representative of the will of the people. The people rise up and take it. Despite some misguided attempts to impose democracy (which will remain nameless to avoid strikes from predator drones), it remains illogical no matter how much oil they have.
"You are free to do what you want. Now here's how you do it." Sorry, that's doing as you're told. If the point is to get away from dictatorships, carefully following instructions isn't likely to achieve the result you want. But that's enough about their revolutions.
What's not happening in your community? Do you want to start something? Go forth and start it.
Oh, are you still waiting for permission? Revolutions don't happen alone. If you aren't ready to spark something, find someone who's doing something that you support and join in. The sparks can't do it alone. 
It's easy not to challenge the status quo, especially here where it's too comfortable to spark popular protests.
What could you improve if you tried? What if you got together with a loose network of friends and acquaintances with the goal of doing something - anything - to make your community better within two weeks.
What would you do? Who would you tell? Who would they tell? What other projects would that spark? What could you accomplish together?
You have so much more freedom than you can imagine. You can pick a role: spark, kindling, fire, or bystander, depending on when you join in. All the roles are important, so if you're not a spark or a kindling, don't let that deter you from helping out in the way that seems best to you. Revolutions take all types, and you determine your own level of involvement.
You can do more than you think you can. It's just a matter of starting. If the Lybians can do it in the face of such determined opposition, imagine what you can pull off. Then go spark it.
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