Saturday, February 2, 2013

What makes you awesome?

That's not rhetorical or sarcastic. Think of an answer.
If you're having trouble with that question, try this: What's your superpower?
Got one? Good, because knowing what makes you awesome can help you reverse engineer your values and help you make a difference. Because when you're using your superpower you will feel better about yourself, your role in the world, and the difference you can make in it.
But it's weird? Of course it's weird. Your superpower is by definition something that other people don't do. Doing things that set you apart is risky. You can't hide in the crowd anymore. You can't just sit back and be normal. Well, you could, but don't expect that to satisfy you.
It's that thing that sets you apart that determines where you can make most of an impact. If it makes you awesome, it's already aligned with your values, and you already know what a difference it will make.
It is, of course, easier to sit by the TV and bask in mass media. You don't have to confront any fears there. It's comfortable. You don't have to risk anything.
Easy doesn't let you contribute in the way you need to. Buckminster Fuller and Marshall McLuhan were both right in that there are no passengers on spaceship earth, we're all crew. Maintaining the world for the future is going to take all hands on deck.
The job doesn't come with a manual, except the intuition that's already inside you. Being boring and conformist won't move the needle on anything. Other people are already doing that. Instead, find ways to do what makes you awesome, and share that with the world. Shine.
It won't be comfortable, but doing things that make you grow are never comfortable, at least at first.
Get out there. Share what makes you awesome with the community. It's not just a privilege, it's a responsibility too. Expressing your awesomeness gives permission to others to express their awesomeness too.
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