Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One player game

There aren't any other people here. It's just you. Alone in the simulator.
Everybody else is automatic. They're robots pretending to be people. The infinitely complex world is an elaborate experiment to see what YOU will do with it.
You can't control the actions of others, you can only control what you do. They respond based on what you do, how you treat them, and the ripple effects you have on the world.
Scores of outside observers are poring over every minute, assessing aspects of your personality, why you chose this and not that, how you treat other people, dissecting what you do and what you think.
If you neglect your player's health, the effects accumulate.
The objectives of this game have never really been made clear. That's part of it. You get to set and pursue your own win conditions, but you never really win, and the game is never really over.
Since you're the only player, and everyone is really interested in what you're doing at every moment, how does that change your play? How does it change your next actions now knowing that it is in fact all about you?
The only move available in this game is to decide what action to take next. No second chances, no take backs. The game is unforgiving that way, the rules are iron-clad.
How do you win? What do you want to accomplish? Forget about what other people think. Know that you're being closely observed - this entire universe or at least your conscience is focused on studying you. What will they find? They know everything about you. What will they think about your performance at this game?
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What you see is around you. Exits are whatever you can think of. What do you do?

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