Sunday, November 3, 2013

What needs unclogging?

Toilets, roads, emergency rooms: These are things that you don't want clogged when you need them.
Trying to push too much through a system that can't take it means it will quit working properly for everybody. iPhone apps with emergency room wait times, traffic jams due to 'volume', or an appointment with the plunger are the inevitable result, and we’d rather avoid them.
Look for the problem in the system, not in the individual pieces.
For example, if the problem is traffic, you can solve it temporarily with more roads, or more permanently by tightening up the city and making them less relevant by enhancing pedestrian and cycling access. Remember, ultimately you want access to the amenities and transportation is only a means to an end.
Other clogs might not be so obvious.
Are you stuck on something? That sounds like a clog. Maybe there’s a way past it you’re not thinking of. Write it out in a journal or talk it out with someone you trust.
Are you tired or lacking energy? That’s a clog getting in the way of accomplishing what you need to accomplish. Take a close look at your diet and exercise and think about how that’s impacting your energy levels. Eat well and exercise. That will keep you moving and energetic.
Looking at the big picture, unclogging your dreams is at least as important. If you're on track for them that's great, but the flow of events, like long hair in the shower drain, is likely to slow and eventually stop you making progress on your dreams unless you take steps to keep it clear.
How do you clear that? Ask yourself “What’s holding me back?” Naming it can help you dismiss the blockage.
If you don't make the effort to unclog whatever's standing between you and your dreams you'll have a hard time remembering what they were and an impossible time achieving them. Moreover, achieving your dreams gives permission to others to achieve theirs.

Get out of your own way. Unclog whatever's holding you back from your dreams and watch what happens. Unclogging these sort of psychological blocks isn't fun, but unclogging toilets isn't fun either. When you get it done, then you can make the progress you need.
p.s. This seems like a great post to resume blog updates with.

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