Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Your long term prosperity is at risk

Onward and upward...
Creating Jobs, Economic Growth, and Long Term Prosperity is the Conservative Canadian Government's top priority. It sure sounds great, and probably tested better than 'More Power'.

Let's unpack that priority.

Create Jobs: The private sector creates jobs, not the government. Governments employ people, but that's not what they mean. They want to take credit for private enterprise. 

Economic Growth: We take it for granted that growth is good. It's only good if you're a child. Children grow into adults, then they stop growing. Likewise, the economy will stop growing. How that happens is up to us.

Climb, but don't overshoot. - Cliff Hangers.
Long Term Prosperity: This is a great goal.
With long term prosperity we hope to share healthy, fulfilling lives in freedom and harmony. Close enough for government work?

Unfortunately, your long term prosperity is at risk.

Too much growth in our economies and population has placed us outside our planet's carrying capacity.

That house of cards won't go much higher. So much for long term prosperity. Take down the cards carefully or watch them fall.

Instead, how about we embrace reality. All of it.

Get real on climate. Quit shilling for oil and pipeline companies. End the growth mindset. A stable country isn't so bad.

Stop calling us consumers. Focus instead on the things that add value to our lives in that fundamental meaning-of-life sort of way. Less stock options, more hugs.

If political or economic activities don't support these fundamental objectives, do not pursue them.

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