Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be the boss. Program your computer.

Shift your thinking. You're in control. You have the option. Take command.
Shift your thinking. You're in control. You have the option. Take command.
Despite the barrage of email, your computer exists to serve you, not the other way around.
Your computer is better at mundane repetitive tasks than anybody.

Here's how to be the boss:

Type fast enough: Type so you can keep up with your thoughts.
Learn the shortcuts: Cut, copy, paste, save? Elementary. Find the keyboard shortcuts in programs where you find yourself mousing around. They're faster.
Work that spreadsheet: Calculations you need to repeat can be programmed once in advance and reused as often as you need. Google is your tutor no matter your skill level.
eMail rules: Slay email by telling the computer what to do with it in advance. Mail from the boss? Show me an alert. Winter storm photo #27? Move that to an ignored folder. Protect your attention.
IFT.TT: Online service 'If This Then That' will follow instructions when triggered. For example, when this column hits the blog, it automatically hits Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. That would take more time each week than it takes to set up in the first place.
Teaching your personal electronic slave to handle the mundane aspects of your computer activities. This will preserve your valuable attention for the things that need it. Just tell your computer what to do.
Caveat: Your computer will do what it's told, whether that's what you mean or not. Be careful, but the upside is worth the effort.

Then again, if your Betamax is flashing 12:00, this may not be for you.

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  1. This got left out, only because until about two minutes ago I didn't realize it existed. Learn to code interactively at Codecademy.com That is all.