Friday, December 27, 2013

Your performance appraisal

How'd you do this year?
You've done some great things. Track your accomplishments and update your resume, even if you're not planning to switch jobs.
If you're not in a shopping frenzy (note: buying stuff only makes you happy for a while) you can find some reflective downtime between Christmas and New-Years to ponder the passing of time and what you've accomplished.
Unless there are major life events, it won't feel like much has changed. Change over a year is gradual and hard to experience. Maybe you're a little stronger, smarter, or more experienced than you were a year ago.
Maybe you finished a project? Achieved a goal? Kept the family fed? Helped someone? Made a difference? Learned from a mistake or ten?
Having an up to date resume is both a way to be ready for opportunities and a way to reflect on how awesome you are and what you've accomplished professionally.
The dark cloud here is that if you're disappointed by what you've accomplished this year it's too late to fix it.
The silver lining to that dark cloud is that realizing that you're not living up to your own standards is the launchpad for fixing it.
Since you can't fix the past fix the future. Assess your performance in all areas of your life: Physical, mental, social, financial, emotional, spiritual.
During this annual visit from You the CEO, how would you review You the Day-to-day Manager?
How do you stack up against who you want to be?

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