Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Is it useful or beautiful? Keep it. If not...

Maybe you really need a cheese cutter. Then again maybe you don't.
The additional stuff that shows up around Christmas is wonderful. Gifts are fun to give and receive.
Now it's going to take up residence in your house, in your life, and in your mind.
Storage: You need a place for it, and your closet is already stuffed. You're only going to wear one shirt at a time. You can clear out space in your closet by donating clothes you don't wear.
To try to keep stuff manageable, try to donate or discard at least one item for everything you let into your life. If you're trying to simplify, go for two.
For example, if you receive a t-shirt as a gift, get rid of another one. If you buy a t-shirt for yourself, get rid of two.
You have a bunch of stuff already. Knowing you'll have to get give up something else can help curb your spending and make you decide whether you need what you're looking at.
That's how you keep room in your closet. Keeping room in your mind works the same way.
Every object you let into your life brings psychic weight and needs to get handled somehow. You become the custodian. The more stuff you have, the bigger your job taking care of it all.
Make your job easier. Get rid of stuff that you don't know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. That's the criteria for letting something into your life.

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