Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Customer Satisfaction

Dissatisfiers done well? Less sad.
Delighters done badly? More happy.
Some things matter and some things don't. To please your customers, focus on the things that matter.
Cover the basics. Some things, no matter how well executed, will never lead to customer satisfaction. The roof doesn't leak. If it did, you would not be pleased with the building. It's expected and taken for granted.
Treat these 'dissatisfiers' as minimum requirements to participate, like a restaurant passing its health inspection. 
Add the value. The 'satisfiers' are what people say they want and would be willing to pay more for. That's where people look for quality, price and style.
The better you deliver on these, the better the value for the customer. Faster. Cheaper. Bigger. Stronger. Better. After meeting the minimums this is where you compete.
Bonus points: surprise and delight. These are things that your customer won't expect, but wildly improves their experience.
Doing these 'delighters' poorly still makes things better and doing them well can knock your customer experience out of the park.
Watch out for expectation creep. Remember when cell phones just made phone calls? You wouldn't buy that phone today. It doesn't play Flappy Bird.
If they wash your car when you get an oil change, that's a nice surprise. If it becomes routine it becomes expected. Customers can be fickle like that.
The Kano Model, as this theory is known, can help you decide where to put your customer satisfaction efforts.

You can't do it all, so focus on the things that matter.

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