Friday, February 21, 2014

Rstrictions brd crativity

To spin a story, it's fitting to talk about a particular topic or situation. Without a topic, it's impractical to start, but a story with a narrow topic and a sharp point is a snap by comparison.
If I ask you to spin a story about a tiny rabbit who is trying to find his way to visit a giant raccoon and borrow his running outfit, you know just how to start. It's smooth sailing. You know just what to do. Although holding you back from total autonomy, a topic narrows options and prods you onward.
That notion can pair with packing bags for a trip too. You can avoid bringing most of what you'd normally pack. If you must, you can always buy it. This will slim down your bags, which allows an adaptability that you can't obtain with big bags.
With all tools at your disposal, all standard boring solutions apply. Why branch out? Why try anything?
In a community, thinking within constraints brings about original solutions to particular situations in that community. That kind of solution will fit just right. Standard boring solutions can't match an optimal community plan.
Solutions turn up as constraints do away with staid ways of thinking. Build constraints that fit with what you want to accomplish. Constraints will modify your thinking and bring out solutions you wouldn't know about without trying out unusual ways of doing things.
Constraints limit and obstruct old standard plans and tactics. Brilliant thoughts show up that wouldn't show up without that constraint.
Don't try to avoid constraints. Adopt a way of thinking that can launch you with constraints into contrasting paradigms you might not find normally.
Pack small bags. Pick a topic and go.

Bonus points: Tomorrow, no right turns on your way to work.

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