Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Connect with your community

Discover what's possible right in your own neighbourhood.
The reason we live so close together is so we can take advantage of the abundance of goods, services, and friendships that proximity provides.
Spontaneous connections make communities come alive. Making optimal use of those serendipitous connections requires a little effort on your part though.
Explore. The next time you find yourself with three minutes to spare, go in, wherever it is you happen to be.
Your three minutes might be fruitless, but it won't be wasted. You'll meet someone new, learn what they're about, and that new information will be available to you when you need it.
On the other hand, right behind that door might be exactly the thing, activity, or experience you didn't realize you needed.
When you fill out the mental map of your neighbourhood and know what's available, that's gives your community its small town feel.
It's not just stores either. Visit the public buildings. There are resources there that you don't know about. Know what you can do at the library, at city hall and the pool.
Check out the clubs too. If one sounds interesting, show up. They may be strangers, but they're only strangers once.
If there's a transit system, know how to use it to get home, even if you'll "never" need it.
The benefits of knowing what's available right around you are worth the temporary discomfort of introducing yourself and asking a few friendly questions.

Connect with your community. That's why it's there.

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