Friday, April 18, 2014

Shine for something.

The odds against you are astronomical:

Collapsed stars created heavy elements that accreted into our solar system.

Amino acids started arranging themselves on this Goldilocks rock.

Your great-grandparents met each other.

If history zigged instead of zagged, we would be absent from the narrative, none the wiser.

You are here. Alive. Brilliant. Conscious. Desperately racing the clock. A spark flying in defiance the endless night.

You are alive. Now. Now is all there is.

So shine. Burn your candle at both ends. Be at your best in this and every moment. Your spark will not last the night. They never do.

Shine for something. Illuminate the world. Keep someone warm. Keep the fire burning. Set other sparks alight. Shine in the way only you can. Now's your chance. The fire has invited you to come alive.

When you come alive, as a consciousness of the universe, you validate everything that's happened up to this point. You make all of history worthwhile, and you make it possible for others to come alive too. The fire needs sparks that come alive.

Watch out for the smoke. Smoke comes from incomplete combustion. When you blow smoke, you fail to live up to your own potential and you stifle the others around you.

Be as bright, hot, and positive as it is possible for you to be. Forgive the past. Embrace reality. Don't prejudge the future. Don't waste your flight on smoke.

Go Spark, and shine. 

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