Sunday, May 11, 2014

They don't post the boring bits

Even this is a highlight.
When you see what your 'friends' are up to on social media, take heart. They're posting their highlights, not the boring in-between stuff.
Most of your life is spent between highlights, living out that boring in-between stuff.
When you compare your life to the torrent of highlights on social media your life will obviously come up short.
It's not an apples to apples comparison.
Check your own highlight reel. Even if you're not actively seeking employment, keep your resume up to date.
Your resume is a highlight reel of your achievements at work. With fifteen minutes, four times per year, you can keep it up to date without ever getting very far behind.
And that's just work. There's so much more to you than that. What have you accomplished just for the joy of it? Who have you helped? Who's life have you improved?
The things you share on social media become your highlight reel for everyone else. Your real highlight reel is the smiles in the eyes of your friends and family, the satisfaction you get from accomplishing something challenging and meaningful, and the song in your heart.
With that song, you can delight in the happiness that others share with you, and you can smile in the quiet satisfaction that the things you do make your corner of the world a little better.

A little gratitude helps too. Sharing a little gratitude will spark a little happiness. Appreciating what you have is a great antidote for bemoaning what you don't.

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