Sunday, August 31, 2014

Consequences are for later. Procrastination pays off now.

Hard drives are exquisite, fragile platters that store enough information to thoroughly boggle the mind in less space than it takes to store a folded T-shirt.
It would seem reasonable that someone aware that hard drives fail would have all their files backed up.
If that person were to write a newspaper column emphasizing the importance of having a backup plan then any question that their family's files would be backed up would be laughable.
Backups are important, and current backups are even better. If things start running slowly, that's not the time to skip the backups to get things done. That's the time to make sure your backups are complete.
This happened to me, but the story ends well. The photos, videos, and emails are salvaged thanks to a two month old backup and a healthy dose of luck. It brings up a larger question about why we wait to learn things for ourselves, rather than learning from what happened to others.
Most of the time we know better. Do we do better because of it?
Often not. It's widely known that excellent nutrition is associated with health, and fast food isn't. We still go for the fries when we should take the salad.
That extra drink is not a good idea, but the consequences of the morning hangover are too far away to enter your decision making.
Exercise? Not today thanks.
The sunscreen's in the car.
This is a short trip. I'll get gas later.
Coal is a cheap source of electricity.
Consequences are for later. Procrastination, hedonism, indulgence, and abdication of responsibility pays off now.
The thing about later is that it will find you. You can't avoid it. You may be able to delay it for a while, but that hard drive's going to crash. If you knew how they worked that would make you more scared, not less.
Of course, when it's later it may be too late. Solve your problems in advance, and they won't ever become problems.

"You mailed that insurance check, right Gob?" - Michael Bluth, Arrested Development Ep. 2