Sunday, November 9, 2014

Canada: A Clean Energy Superpower

Avro Arrow. Canada can do awesome stuff when we put our minds to it.
Photo: Government of Canada, Department of National Defense. // Wikipedia.
Imagine you're walking from Tofino BC to St. John's NL along the Trans-Canada Highway. For every three minutes you walk on the highway, you build a million dollar mansion, all the way across the country. By the time you get to St. John's, you will have built $12 Billion in mansions.
The Energy East Pipeline project is projected to cost $12 Billion. Not a good investment.
If the pipeline is built, either we roast the climate or we waste the investment by turning the pipe off. Neither of those approaches are any good in the long run, but we can avoid those lousy outcomes in advance.
Here's how: We want to be an energy superpower. We're Canadian and we can do that like crazy. Instead of building a pipe, we could build 3000 MW of clean solar capacity or 6000 MW of clean wind power instead.
Becoming a clean energy superpower would revitalize Canada's manufacturing sector and provide energy jobs in without compromising the climate.
These generators could come online immediately, rather than waiting for the entire investment to be ready.
If you're one of those guys who are awesome at building pipelines, we need you most of all. Your project management skills, determination and drive will serve the country and the world well as we develop our clean energy infrastructure.

Becoming a clean energy superpower will help Canada reclaim a leadership role in the world and demonstrate how we kick butt when we put our minds to it.